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Sometimes a father’s enthusiasm can reach as far as the moon.

Editorial Garbuix presents “The Ball that bounced to the moon”, a story book and audio for children aged 5 to 8!

Ben Satchel is a British designer, illustrator and picture book writer based in Athens, Greece. See more of his work at benpics.com.

You can buy the book for 12 euros in bookshops:

Casa Anita, in Barcelona (calle Vic, 14)

- La Petita, in Barcelona (calle Maria Aguiló, 115)

- Els nou rals, in Viladecans (calle Sant Joan, 19)

or through our online shop. Other purchase options coming soon!

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Here is the audiobook, you can listen to it online or download it to your computer!


Download it here:

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Also, just in case you need it, here is the text translated into Spanish and Catalan!