somnisEl llibre dels Somnis Amagats

All children in the world have dreams they haven’t fulfilled. Do you know what will happen when Jana finds a magic book that can make dreams come true? Reading what other kids before her have written, she will get to know how children in other places in the world live, and learn to appreciate what she has and what she her dreams really are. What dream will you write?

8 narices

(8 noses) Big, small, sharp or turned-up, if there is anything these 8 young writers have in common, a part from there relentless eagerness to write, is that, above all, they all have NOSES. – Having noses, in Spanish, means having guts – 

The ball that bounced to the Moon

Max has an idea “Can we bounce it from my window?” His dad has a think about it an says “YEAH, let’s do it”, and they run upstairs. Sometimes a father’s enthusiasm can reach as far as the moon.

En Polissó

Have you not met en Polissó? Don’t you know him? Well, you can now go and get your own copy, for the first time in Catalan!


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12 cabezones

One topic, six months, many corrections, two illustrators, a few printing test runs and a lot of e-mails later, we have done it. We are now looking for readers.


It isn’t 6 o’clock in the morning yet and in 53 points of Mallorca, there is someone who cannot sleep. 53 micro-tales that reflect on life’s headaches.

Garbuix’s blog

The adventures of a micro-publishing house and  its micro-publishers


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