Editorial Garbuix is a non-profit publishing house constantly in search of new, original and sometimes slightly risky projects that have no place in big publishing houses, so we can give our readers the chance to discover them.

Who is behind Garbuix

“Hello! Our names are Elena and Cati, founders of Editorial Garbuix. We are writers and publishers. We created Garbuix looking for readers and we have found much more: writers, translators, illustrators  and journalists among others, who have chosen to help us to build this project and continue to make it grow day after day.”

You will find Elena in Barcelona and Cati in Mallorca. You can write to either of them at elena@editorialgarbuix.org or cati@editorialgarbuix.org.

Where does Garbuix come from

Garbuix was born from a very simple and straightforward idea: any writer needs readers. After a while of looking for these readers through the traditional roads, we decided it might be more practical both for us and for other people in our situation, to create our own road so anyone looking for new stories, worlds, and books in which to get lost.

We began three years ago, looking for people who wanted to write and published our own book of short stories in which 10 young writers, including ourselves, took part. Its title was “10 loosers”. We sold it in Sant Jordi (Barcelona) and were surprised by the amount of people who were interested and decided to give us a chance by buying our book. With the money we got, we published two more books in 2014: another book of short stories and the novel “Malsofrits”. Again, they were very well received so… why would we stop now?

What we publish

For now, we are working on two separate lines:

– On one hand, we find and publish projects by young (or not so young) authors who, like us are looking for someone to read their work. A part form writers’ own projects, every year, for Sant Jordi, we publish a book of short stories by writers within this profile.

– The other line we are working on is children and teenage literature. We want to promote creativity and cultural interest among young readers. We also publish an annual magazine, Blank, where the youngest writers have a chance to publish their own work.

We don’t want to stop growing and finding new things so we are interested in all kinds of suggestions, whether they fit in these two lines of work or not.

Why we do it

Some time ago we realised that, against what bigger publishing houses want us to believe, you don’t need to have a really big project for it to exist, and that digital printing allows you to offer smaller editions, closer to readers, written and created for reasons that have nothing to do with money.

You might think, OK but… where does the money from the book sales go? All the money goes to paying for the cost of the books and to new publishing projects, so some projects might allow others to exist.

Thak you for reading!